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Driving Lessons Bradford


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Terms and Conditions



All new pupils and learner drivers must present both parts of their provisional driving licence on their first lesson plus both parts of the licence must be taken to the theory test and practical driving test


When planning and booking an intensive course we recommend you make use of one our assessment / introductory lessons to establish best training practices and methods and to fully establish times, dates and duration in hours for the course to be suitable for you



All payments must be made prior to the course commencing



At the time of booking to reserve the instructor and diary space a £100 deposit is taken - this deposit is deducted from the course total



Once a deposit is made for an intensive course we will ensure a car and instructor will be totally available to cover the hours you book plus the driving test period



If you choose to cancel the course the deposit is non returnable



Payments are made by either cash, cheque or online banking



Once you have commenced the assessment or course any further payments are to be made direct to your instructor - we are happy to take payments for the deposit and course if paying in advance -which we then transfer to your instructor



All lesson times are pre booked and must be attended to on time and fit to drive



We would only change an appointment time for extreme reason such as break down, illness or a driving test - if we did change a time we will always make up for it



If the pupil cancels within a 48 hour period the pre booked time is forfeited and any additional time booked must be paid for


If you need to change or cancel an appointment please contact your instructor directly as this will speed up the process and allow the instructor to try and get someone else in to the available spaces


Any pre paid lessons or courses are not tranferrable to any other party



If you have chosen to take regular, weekly lessons rather than an intensive course each lesson must be paid for at commencement of lesson



As we have to book the car and instructor for the times and duration of the course we have to protect the income and livelihood of the instructor as well as provide for your course, so, if you unfortunately miss any dates or times that are booked / paid for these are non refundable and must be taken as your loss.



If you have a course spread over a longer period of time (in sessions of 3 hours or less) with the instructor and some of the course can be rescheduled then we will endeavour to reschedule to the best of our abilty however all fees paid for hours and training will be lost unless 48 hours notice provided.



Any cancellations or refunds must be dealt with direct with your instructor, not the office



Any refunds we provide can only be considered with a genuine reason and any fees from 48 hours will be lost, and if we provide a refund an administration fee of £25 will be deducted as well as whatever is lost within the 48 period of your notice given



As with the vast majority of UK driving schools and instructors the driving instructor is a self emplyed instructor and works as a franchisee of our business - we work and act as a management and agency for the instructor; so all payments, lessons, bookings and refunds ultimately are to be dealt with between you and the instructor directly



All instructors, as protected by DVSA, reserve the right to terminate a driving lesson or refuse a driving test if the driver (you) is unfit to drive through drink or drugs, is abusive or is deemed as not safe to drive on the road



In the unlikely event of a problem or complaint the first person to work and discuss this with is directly with your instructor (as once you book your course or lessons the 'contract' is between you and the instructor); if you cannot resolve an issue then contact us and we may be able to offer assistance; finally, the DVSA would be your final contact for any complaint and they will be able to help or advise you best



All instructors ensure that their car is safe and roadworthy and of course fully insured for all lessons, courses and the driving test itself; plus all vehicles are fitted with dual controls and at least on rear facing interior mirror


 Driving Lessons in Bradford


0800 612 89 23 / 07496 184 021





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