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If you are suffering or have any issues with phobias, anxiety, fear of driving or nerves related to driving we will be happy to help you. We can provide help for any of the following:


Driving Phobias - Fear of Driving - Driving Anxiety - Panic Attacks while Driving.

Lost or Lack of Confidence with Driving. Problems or Lack of Confidence following a Motoring Accident.


We can also help with General Lack of Confidence, Anxieties, Low Self Esteem that is not connected to driving


Our driving school has two specialist driving instructors who have studied and trained extensively driving, driving behaviour, the mind and how it works, anxieties and phobias, and have additional qualifications to help you achieve the change you need to become safe and confident driving, anywhere, anytime


We provide specialist training courses which are individually tailored to each persons issues, anxieties or phobias.


Both have additional qualifications in mind training, NLP, hypnotherapy as well as many additional qualities and experiences that have successful helped hundreds of people who were previously anxious or phobic about driving or related matters


Michael Stanhope BA(Hons)

DSA ADI Grade 6

Certified NLP Practitioner


DVSA Grade A Trainer

Diploma DI

DIA Diamond Master Driver



Liam Dent DHP, DNLP


NLP Master Practitioner

Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Certified Wellness Coach

PCT Therapy

DIA Diamond Master Driver


07720 396 100



We provide specialist driver training combined with mind training and mind changing techniques. We have two highly experienced and very qualified driving instructors that will totally transform how you drive and how you feel with driving, whether you are a full licence holder with experience and later gained anxieties and fears or a novice / learner driver who is very anxious or nervous about learning or while learning


We both use top quality expert driver training, along with using NLP techniques, hypnotherapy and mind training techniques, can massively help you overcome driving nerves, driving phobias, driving anxieties and panic attacks.  


Using our combined driver training expertise, along with varying techniques gained from being a Qualified and Certified NLP Practitioner, a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and Diploma in Complete Mind Training we can help you overcome your fears and phobias and become a successful, confident, safe and intuitive driver.  


The Reviews at the bottom of this page are for the specialist work of anxiety training - the Facebook linked to this website is just for the regular driving school learners 


We provide this specialist work for both full licence holders and learner drivers. Both full licence and provisional licence holders will work through the same type an style of sessions with me - a mix of driver training, NLP, mind training and hypnotherapy


We don't personally provide regular driving lessons for learner drivers due to the demand of this specialist work however if you do want good driving lessons by quality driving instructors trained by Michael follow this link:  driving lessons Bradford



We are fully Licensed Practitioners of NLP. Certified by “Evolve NLP” which is endorsed by “The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis”.


We also hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP) and a Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy (DCMT)



Help is Here


From our experience we find that a combination of driver training, coaching, NLP and mind training techniques plus hypnotherapy provides the most desirable outcome.


Whether you have been driving for many years or a novice to driving my techniques will overcome your fears, anxieties, phobias and nerves


By the time we have finished the act of driving, anywhere, will feel and

be as easy as walking down the pavement


Don't rely on some sort of treatment, such as CBT or hypnotherapy, for a fear or phobia in a room or surgery for your driving - instead to be individually assessed properly to establish causes, resulting states and desired outcomes and then plan a real course of phobia / fear treatment while in the environment that you would like to feel better in - the car!!


Combining our coaching skills, excellence in driver training techniques, along with NLP techniques (which are proved to gain high success at fear and phobia cures) and the use of hypnotic language or hypnosis (if required) and mind training techniques produces a far higher degree of success.


Once we establish the causes and states that require change or improvement we can build the mind training techniques in the car, while driving, until you (your subconscious) feels safe and confident. I have found the mix of in car driver training along with the NLP to have huge success for many people with fears, anxieties and phobias related to driving.


Many previous clients have undergone previous help such as CBT or hypnotherapy - this has usually had minimal affect as they aren't fixing your mind while in the car


From our experience many people who think they have a driving phobia actually don't!


For many previous clients simply changing the way they drive - mostly with how to use their eyes and brain correctly while driving changed their whole perspective and feeling while driving.


Quite often the way in which we were initially trained or style that we have got in to with driving your own brain isn't happy with it so gives you a feeling of not being in control or confident so with the combination of changing how you drive along with any additional techniques required the vast majority of people have become totally fixed - many didn't even have a phobia in the first place when they thought they did


Many instances, some of my driver training techniques have increased confidence alone, and then when you add coaching, NLP, mind training and hypnosis the result is amazing - often in only a few sessions!


Lots of previous clients have found the techniques and work done actually helps and changes many other aspects of their lives as well as their driving


Read some previous clients stories below to help you decide this will work for you



You Are Not Alone!

We have a very high level of bookings and clients benefitting from this specialist work, with clients coming from all over the UK - so you are not alone - however due to high demand there is currently a few week waiting time to get new clients started - so, don't delay any further - book in as soon as possible




Some common statements from previous clients when describing their issues or problems - if any of the following apply to you then simply get in touch


I feel nervous / anxious at the thought of driving or a particular journey


I Just don't have any confidence at all when driving


I don't like fast roads, dual carriageways or motorways


I can't go on routes or roads I don't know or been on before


I get so nervous on a driving test and fall apart and then keep failing the test


I worry about crashing, or other people on the roads


I've just lot my general confidence about driving


I think I am going to get it wrong


I can't pass the driving test due to nerves


I don't feel in control or feel really anxious all the time


I hate the thought of driving and avoid it as much as possible


I can only drive a really small car or with a sat nav


I worry for ages / hours / days before driving 


I won't or can't carry passengers or I'm even nervous as a passenger


I worry about where to go or getting it wrong or being in wrong place or lane


I am so scared of learning to drive


I can't park when I get to the other end


I can't drive at speed or fast


I have tried to learn but just feel anxious or panicky all the time


I can't cope with busy roads and all the other people around me


I can't drive under a bridge, over a bridge


I think or worry that I will go the wrong way


I don't like uphill or downhill, or wide open space, or enclosed or busy space


I don't like or can't drive with lots of other traffic


I feel so anxious I must have a phobia about driving


In truth all of the above statements are actually not true and you won't have the worries or fears once we have re-trained your mind and your driving style



How the Sessions are Usually Structured


We have found that most people need to go through the following changes for them to feel happy and confident again: Using my combination of skills (expert driver training, NLP, mind training and hypnotherapy) we get rid of the problems and build your mind to drive fantastically confident


The vast majority of previous clients who can already drive have reached the desired goal and level of confidence around 4 to 6 sessions - some have even been confident by end of 3 ....A new driver or learner driver will require more sessions to include the actual learning to drive


Session One:  

Understand the issues and causes of anxiety or nerves and begin to re train / re wire your brain to work correctly in relation to driving and how to deal with and change the anxiety - only a small amount of actual driving on this session however I find that this is one of the most important elements to begin the desired change. Starting to change how your brain works and percieves driving so it starts to see it in a different way


Session Two:

Change your driving style (or learn to drive if a new driver) to work differently / correctly with your newly wired brain - some people have needed totally retraining to drive properly as many of my past clients were not even trained to drive properly in the first place, which is often a big contributory factor to the issues and anxieties that became your problem - changing some driving styles and habits to work alongside your newly 'wired' brain so that your brain is working in  different way and sees and feels driving as a different experience from how it was in the past


Session Three:

Build both your driving and your brain patterns with fairly extensive driving in many situations to prove that the newly re wired brain and new driving styles (or newly learned driving skills) work in any area, any type of road, anywhere - this is where most people start to feel the confidence coming through


Session Four:

Building your confidence and belief in you and your own mind and driving ability and testing it to various situations while constantly improving your driving pattern / style and also how your own mind's patterns and associations with driving (subconsciously) - layering the new behaviour and patterns in your brain in order for your brain to fully believe and anchoring them there for the future


Session Five:

Further building your brain and driving and ensuring that any old patterns and behaviour are in the past - Release the old style, patterns, behaviour, fears and anxieties and leave them in the past and firmly anchoring the new and fully testing in any situations anywhere (or simply building your driving and mind in all other areas if new or learning to drive)


Additional Sessions: 

Purely to build belief and confidence and to ensure past behaviour patterns are now extinct and the new patterns are fully in place (or cover new areas of driving for the new driver)


Many past clients have told me that the techniques have also massively helped and improved their overall confidence and reduced many anxieties and stress in other areas of their lives



Alternative Remedies 

We have found over the years that many clients had previously taken on other forms of help prior to seeing me, anything from more normal driving lessons, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or hypnotherapy with not much success or change - realistically you need the mix of driving changes and mind changes at the same time, while in a car for the desired fix






We are highly experienced, highly qualified driver trainers and will use a combination of driver training and coaching techniques along with NLP, Mind Training and/or hypnosis techniques to assist you.


I am a fully Licensed Practitioner of NLP. Certified by “Evolve NLP” which is endorsed by “The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis”.


I have been a fully qualified driving instructor for over 25 years. I am one of the very rare, top DSA Grade 6 / DVSA Grade A driving instructors (which is the highest standard of driver training in the UK). 


As well as being a Certified NLP Practitioner, Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) I also hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy, so the mix of techniques along with my expert driver training and coaching techniques will allow your brain to be retrained to overcome your disposition.


If required, I will initiate your help with a phone conversation or email communication to assess your specific condition, needs and your desired outcome.


I am in huge demand for this work and have clients from all over the UK arriving in Leeds for this training so please plan ahead and book in advance


Areas Covered 


We can provide help for driving phobias, driving anxieties, fear of driving and other anxieties aside from driving in Leeds, Bradford and surrounding areas.


Due to the very high demand for this work clients simply have to make their way to Leeds and if you don't want to drive your car we are happy to meet at Leeds / Bradford train station or other suitable location.


Many people have come to us from all over the UK


From experience and experimenting with previous clients I have found the sessions work the absolute best in 3 - 3:5 hour sessions  (pretty much half a day)- this provides adequate time for brain to make changes, practise some driving and to work on mind training exercises


Learner Driver: 3 hours for only £95


Full Licence Holder:  3 hours for only £120


Each session combines a mix of specialist driving training, mind training, NLP techniques, anxiety and nerves release, change of state of mind training and sometimes hypnotherapy 


Don't pay £150 - £200 per hour for just clinical assistance when you can pay far less for my treatment in the environment that you want the help - in a car!!


The sessions are conducted in our fully insured vehicles and sessions can be booked Mondays - Fridays either 10am - 1pm or 1pm - 4pm, Some evening or weekend sessions can be arranged however these are quite rare


I often over run the 3 hour and can end up working with you for even longer especially if I find that a new pattern or change is developing - so if you are time restricted please do point that out to me





Learner Driver:


Three (3) Hours Session:-  £95



Block Booking Discount:


For a 4 full sessions course - paid individually in 4 x £95 sessions would normally total £380


*Save £20 - purchase a Full 4 Session Course in One Payment for Only £360*



Full Licence Holder:


Three (3) Hours Session:- £120



Block Booking Discount:


For a 4 full sessions course - paid individually in 4 x £120 sessions would normally total £480


*Save £30 - purchase a Full 4 Session Course in One Payment for Only £450




3 hourly sessions may sound a long time however when we are combining my work on your thought processes, driver training, NLP techniques, hypnotherapy, mind therapy and coaching methods plus driver training the 3 hour goes quickly and everyone has been amazed how the time was used, how quick it felt and the methods and outcomes - even I have been amazed with the results I have seen


NOTE: I have recently been filmed by ITV for a forthcoming TV programme assisting a driver with serious OCD issues - so my already high demand will only increase - so I must warn you I am very booked up and you need to plan ahead


Due to the intesnity of the work and that the sessions are very demanding and extremely exhausting from my own perspective I can only do one session per day 


Sessions are conducted in my fully insured manual car Monday - Friday most weeks




What is NLP?


NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - an understanding of the brain and how it works - NLP is a safe, simple, practical and extremely effective way of enabling the human brain or mind to change quickly so that they begin to generate new patterns of behaviour - which subsequently overcomes the phobia or fear.


I am a fully Licensed Practitioner of NLP. Certified by “Evolve NLP” which is endorsed by “The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis”.


Driving Lessons In Bradford


0800 612 89 23 / 07496 184 021

 Overcome Driving Phobias, Fear of Driving, Driving Anxiety and Nerves