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Frequently Asked Questions


Here at Driving Lessons In Bradford


We have an excellent first time pass rate with both our driving lessons in Bradford and intensive driving courses in Bradford


We are very happy to assist you in any of your questions, planning the best way for you to learn and gain your full driving licence so please simply call, text or email us and we will help you in any way we can


We have listed a few of the most frequently asked questions below - so hopefully some of these may assist you in the meantime



Q: When can I start learning to drive?

A:  As soon as you have your UK Provisional Driving Licence - 17 unless receiving higher level disability allowance then 16. You can apply for your provisional licence 3 months before your required age - the you have it ready for your birthday


Q:  Do I have to pass my theory test before I can start lessons or an intensive course?

A:  No, you are best to start learning to drive then apply for your theory test once you are getting to grips with driving as the learning will asisst you in passing the theory test. If you are considering an intensive course it would speed up the process and ability to apply for a practical driving test if you have already passed your theory test. everyone has to pass the theory test before you can apply for a practical driving test - however if you haven't yet passed the theory test and still want an intensive course contact us and we will assist and guide you through the quickest and most efficient way to progress


Q:  Can you help me with the theory test?

A:  Yes, even on normal lessons the sylabus covered will hugely help you pass the theory test, plus the routines you learn and the rules of the road. We recommend you gain some sort of learning material to assist your own learning - a Highway Code, a DVD that covers the theory and hazard perception, or one of the many apps available at low cost to download and use to learn and practice. We can even sit in the car with a laptop and a DVD or app if you are really struggling - the time would be charged at normal driving lessons hourly rates


Q:  What will happen on my first lesson - will I actually drive? 

A:  Yes, if you area total novice we will spend a little time explaining the controls and how to drive then you will start to drive yourself. If you have already had some lessons and can drive we will work at your current skill level and make progress as quickly and safely as possible


Q:  What do I need to bring on my first driving lessons?

A:  Both parts of your provisional driving licence. Glasses (or contacts) if they are required to read a vehicle number plate at 20.5 metres. Reasonably sensible foot wear (avoiding 7 inch stilletto heals or heavy, thich safety work boots for example). Any lesson fee that is due or not already paid for


Q:  How long are the driving lessons?

A:  They vary! We provide driving lessons in any shape / length of time - depending on your learning ability and concentration and whether you are happy to take your time elarning or want to learn more intensively. Lessons can vary between, 1 hour, 1:5 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour or even longer if really intensive driving course. We will always allow a short break time or comfort break for longer timed lessons if required


Q:  How many lessons or hours will it take / do I need?

A:  Everyone is different - our principal aim is to esnure you reach a safe and confident standard in as short a time as is possible for you!  The DVSA calculated that the average amount of hours with an instructor over several thousand new drivers to pass a drivng test was 45 hours. This does vary massively, depending on the individual or the way you learn. Some people can pick things up very quickly, especially if they have good eye coordintaion, riden pedal cycles a lot, or maybe a moped / motorbike, watched others driving whereas some people take a lot longer to feel confident and at a good safe standard. If taking an intensive driving course this can often reduce the total number of hours required as there isn't much time between your learning and there is more consistency in both learning and progress


Q:  How will I know when I am ready to pass?

A:  You will feel and know that you can drive safely in any situtaion, anywhere, always been at the right speed for the available space, using correct routines all the time and being confident and fairly accurate with all of the manoeuvres without any input, help or instruction from your instructor or supervisor


Q:  When shall I book my driving test?

A:  When your instructor advises you to and between you you have worked out a realistic lesson plan or arranged an intensive driving course to suit your needs


Q: Shall I do an intensive driving course or take regular or weekly driving lessons?

A: Totally your choice! Mostly depends on your times available for training or your available funds for paying for the training. If you want your full driving licence sooner then an intensive driving course is ideal for you. If your funds are limited or wish to take your time then regular or weekly lessons are ideal for you. If you are still not sure contact us and we will discuss your options and guide and advise you as best as we can


Q:  When can I do an intensive driving course?

A:  When you are free and available and we have matching availability - so long as you plan ahead and work out when you are free and available for a set period of time let us know and we will plan with you your course - we don;t have set dates / weeks - we work around and plan for each individual's needs


Q:  How many hours shall I take for my intensive driving course?

A:  That depends on your current skill level, how much experience, your own confidence and the way in which you learn - courses vary from as little as 6 hours to 50 hours. Normally we recommend you make use of one of our  assessment driving lessons - this will allow us to work everything out far more accurately for you - how many hours required, best way to learn, best way and time lengths to structure and book your course, when to have a driving test and how much it will cost


Q:  How do I book / reserve an intensive driving course?

A:  Contact us and book an assessment driving lesson - Once you have done the assessment lesson the instructor will work out your course with you to suit your needs and times available - to secure your course at the time we would require a £100 deposit to secure your course so nobody else can book the agreed days, times, dates etc. Our assessment lessons are either a 2 hour for only £30 or a 1:5 hour for only £22.50


Q:  What if I can't do / make an assessment lesson?

A:  We would book your course using the national average number of hours - then when we commence the training we can adjust or add more if required. we would initially take the £120 deposit to secure the initial course dates


Q:  When do I pay for the intensive driving course balance?

A:  No later then 5 working days prior to the commencement of the course - the method of payment will be worked out with your instructor on the assessment lesson. Normally we take cash, cheque or online banking transfer. remember a £120 deposit is required to initially secure the course dates and times


Q:  Where do I need to go for my driving lessons or intensive driving course?

A:  Generally, we pick you up from your home address or we can arrange to pick you up at work, school, college or different address so long as you give us adequate notice and the distance isn't too far


Q:  Will I stay with the same driving instructor throughout my driving lessons or intensive driving course?

A:  Yes, we will always continue with the same driving instructor as that ensures full continuity for your learning and means you won't have to keep getting used to a different car or instructor. On a very rare instance there may be a need to change instructor or car due to illness or car breakdown however this is very rare. If, by any chance, you would like to change instructor or car (which is extremely rare) simply let us know and we will do our best to accommodate 


Q:  What car will I drive / use on my driving test?

A:  The same car you have been learning in - unless you choose to take the test in your own car - the DVSA do not supply cars for the driving test so you turn up, with your instructor in the car you have been learning in and use it for the driving test. We will charge you for one hour for the period of the driving test - most people have at least a one hour prior to the test to 'warm up'


Q:  What should I do if I can't make one of my lessons?

A:  Contact your instructor directly, not the office, as that will be most efficient. So long as you give at least 48 hours notice you won't lose your fee or be charged. If you give less than 48 hours notice you may lose your fee or pre booked hours - follow this link to read / view our full terms and conditions


Q:  Do you have female instructors as well as male instructors?

A:  Yes, we do have female driving instructors however their numbers a little less than the male instructors so availability may be slightly restricted


Q:  Can I learn to drive in an automatic car - do you provide automatic driving lessons?

A:  Yes, we do have some automatic cars - and can provide regular driving lessons or intensive driving courses in automatic cars - however most of our cars are manual cars so the availability for the automatic car driving lessons could be a little limited - contact us to find out availablity for your area


Q:  Can or should I practice driving outside driving lessons?

A:  We would always recommend that if you can gain some private practice with a family member or friend it will assist your practcising your skills you have learned. remember the person must be over 21 and have held a full licence for over 3 years; the car must be correctly insured and you must clearly display L Plates front and rear


Q:  Can you book the driving test for me?

A:  We can - however you can slso book the driving test yourself, the quickest and easiest way to book is online at www.gov.uk - always check with your drivign instructor prior to planning and booking a driving test. We do provide a facility to book your driving test for you if you wish plus if you are in need of a cancellation (quicker) test date then we also provide a cancellation search service - both of which have a small fee to pay



If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us 


We are here to help you succeed!


0800 612 89 23 / 07496 184 021



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